Coordination of preparation for IWRMD plan

The current policy aims at comprehensive, integrated and holistic management of water resources, with a basin as the unit for planning. It is intended that the planning process will be participatory and fully considers all of the environmental, ecological and socio-economic concerns of basin stakeholders. Now we, anticipated planning process is constrained by data limitations and institutional and managerial capacities to carry out the required work.

PBWO will coordinate establishment of participatory planning procedures, provide guidance and coordination, and provide technical support for the actual preparation of the IWRMD plan by local stakeholders. The planning assumption of this activity is 25 years (2010-2035). Currently Request for Proposals (RFPs) were issued to the six (6) shortlisted consultant firms on 16th December 2010 and will be submitted on 11th March 2011 after extension (earlier date was 22nd February 2011).