In order to regulate the use of water and more effectively manage the resources in the basin, it is necessary to have an accurate and reliable assessment of the resource throughout the basin with respect to its quantity and quality, and its reliability and dependability throughout the year. The Basin is under process to develop an information management system that would comprise (i) a management database system, (ii) tools for information products like DSS and (iii) a GIS database. The three systems will be mutually linked.

The basic requirements of a management database system is to store, process, validate and analyze many types of multi-disciplinary data, including time series and spatial data on climate, surface water, groundwater, water quality, sediment, other natural resources, as well as related data such as water use permits and actual abstractions. The software should be accompanied by various related analytical tools such as rating curves development, low flow and base flow analyses, flood analysis, hydrograph analysis, statistical analysis and reservoir analysis. The BWO would then have the capacity to: (a) easily store/retrieve data, (b) compile and analyze the data, (c) estimate water supply-demand conditions, (d) monitor trends, and (e) report and map. The limited existing data is stored in Ms Access and Excel formats; including HYDATA Software.

The in-house (industrial and drilling contractors) monitoring system by Basin will be further developed so that compliance by water users (both surface water and groundwater), sources of effluents, and drillers is ensured. Violations will be investigated and reported to the Board for appropriate action.