Pangani - The Analysis of Water Allocation Scenarios for the Pangani River Basin

This report contains information on the Present Day situation in the catchment, scenario creation process, the chosen scenarios, the predicted outcomes of each scenario, and the predicted effect of climate change. It also presents some recommendations for consideration.

The Pangani Basin Flow Assessment was an initiative of the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Pangani Basin Water Office (PBWO). Running from August 2005 until 2009, it brought together a core team of Tanzanian specialists in a range of disciplines related to rivers - biophysical, social, economics, water management and policy making - and an international team of flow-assessment specialists from Southern Waters Ecological Research and Consulting and Anchor hydrology of the Pangani River Basin, the flow-related nature and functioning of the river system and the links between the river and the social and economic value of the riverís resources.

They then had to create scenarios of possible basin management/ development pathways into the future for consideration by the water authorities and other stakeholders.

Each scenario described the consequences of a development pathway in terms of changes in river condition, the economics of the natural resources
of the river, HEP generation, irrigated agriculture, and social impacts. Some scenarios also included projections of how flows would be affected by global climate change.

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