Pangani Basin Delineation Report

This report addresses study area delineation and site selection for the Pangani Environmental Flow Assessment work. The task was accomplished by first separately delineating relatively homogeneous zones and sub-zones along the river and estuary, and for socio-economic activities in the basin. Thereafter, the resultant delineations were synchronised to produce a scheme for all project work. Within this scheme, representative sites were selected in the subzones deemed to be most relevant to the study.

The Pangani River Basin Flow Assessment is an IUCN-Pangani Basin Water Office (PBWO) initiative that brings together a Flow Assessment Group selected from within Tanzania, consisting of specialists in a range of river-related, water-allocation and policy-making disciplines. These specialists will work together with advisors from South Africa to develop an understanding of the hydrology of the Pangani River Basin, the nature and functioning of the river system and the links between the river and socio-economic value of its resources.

Project aims
The objectives of this Flow Assessment (FA) are to:
generate baseline data of the condition of the Pangani River system;
enhance the understanding among PBWO and Ministry of Water (MoW) staff of the relationship between flow, river and estuary health and the people who use the river;
create an awareness of the trade-offs to be made between water development and natural-resource protection;
develop simple tools to help guide water-resource management and water allocations in the Pangani Basin;
build capacity that will enable PBWO to act as a nucleus of expertise for FArelated work in other basins;
provide information that will aid implementation of the National Water Policy (NAWAPO 2002) and the National Environmental Management Act (2004).

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