Pangani Hydroelectric Power Modeling Studd

This report provide information on an indication of dam-levels at Nyumba ya Mungu for different flow scenarios to the PRBFA biophysical models and input to the PRBFA macro-economic model on firm power generation and total energy production for different flow scenarios.

The Pangani Basin Water Office (PWBO) and the World Conservation Union (IUCN) are implementing the Pangani River Basin Management Project, which is supported by the IUCN Water & Nature Initiative, UNDP/GEF and the European Union. The project has several components that will provide technical information and establish participatory processes to support water allocation in the basin.

The Pangani River Basin Flow Assessment (PRBFA) is one of the primary activities that will provide technical information to support water allocation. Its objective is to synthesize present knowledge of the river systems and its users and, in line with the new Tanzania water policy, to create management tools that will help promote an integrated approach to future water-development and waterallocation
decisions. Creation of the tools depends on a substantial investment in new understanding of the links between river flow, the quality of goods and services provided by the river, and the lives and livelihoods of the river users.

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