Pangani River System: State of the Basin Report

This report summarizes the key findings of the various reports from the Pangani Flow Assessment in a simple language for the general audience. It serves as a baseline marking our current understanding of the health and functions of the Pangani River System.

This State of the Basin Report has been prepared as part of the Flow Assessment Component of the Pangani River Basin Management Project. Its aim is to collect and synthesize present knowledge on the Pangani River system and its users, and to help promote an integrated approach to future water-allocation decisions. Such an approach is called Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM).

In conducting this work, Tanzanian and international specialists worked together through 2005 to 2006 to develop an understanding of the hydrology (timing and volumes of flow) of the whole Pangani River Basin, the physical, chemical and biological nature and health of the river ecosystem and the importance of the river for peoplesí lives and livelihoods.

This report is a summary of 6 technical reports that have already been written by the project team. These are: Hydrology of the Pangani River Basin, Basin Delineation Report, Scenario Selection Report, River Health Assessment, Estuary Health Assessment, Socio-economic Assessment.

This document reports on the condition of the river system in the 2006 dry and wet seasons and identifies key areas of concern for the river system, estuary and major wetlands. It also highlights the relationships between the river and the people of the basin, reports on their wellbeing and begins to explore their sensitivity to changes in flow and ecosystem condition.

The knowledge will be used to guide future research on the river and its users in the next part of the project, and to develop a simple decision-making tool that can aid decisions on a fair balance between water development and protection of the riverís resources.

This publication is based on the South African River Health Programme Reports.

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