Pangani River Basin Management Project

The Pangani River Basin Management Project (PRBMP) is generating technical information and developing participatory forums to strengthen Integrated Water Resources Management in the Pangani Basin, including mainstreaming climate change, to support the equitable provision and wise governance of freshwater for livelihoods and environment for current and fu ture generations.

Pangani River Basin Management Project

The Project is based on Tanzania’s National Water Policy (2002) and the Water Resource Management Act (2009) which promotes integrated water resource management principles. The policy and legislation recommend that water be managed at the basin level in a participatory and equitable way that emphasizes sustainability and conservation of the water source.

The Project has undertaken an Integrated Flow Assessment with the Pangani Basin Water Office, to develop an understanding of the hydrology of the river basin, the flow-related nature and functioning of the river ecosystem and the links between the ecosystem and the social and economic values of the river’s resources. A series of reports have been produced that have provided information into the flow assessment.

Building on this information, stakeholders are now gaining understanding of social, economic and environmental trade-offs for different water allocations through the development of a number of scenarios.

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