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Reports and Publications | The Pangani River is a lifeline for biodiversity, people and industry in Tanzania. Home to about 2.6 million people at the Basin, the river must meet increasing and conflicting demands yet it is vulnerable to cycles of drought and flood which are exacerbated by climate change. Aiming to put policy into practice, the Pangani River Basin Management Project (PRBMP) brings together local government and… » full article

Reports and Publications | The study to facilitate the formulation of better policies and guidelines for managing resource use conflicts in plural legal systems, was prompted by current land and water reforms that are underway in most African countries. These reforms focus on the use of statutory legal systems to regulate the use of land and water resources. » full article

Reports and Publications | Although essential for human survival, water is inherently inequitable, as it is rarely evenly distributed among populations. Local users compete to obtain their share, which can intensify existing tensions and sometimes lead to violence where the supply of water does not meet demand (Gleick, 2006; Huggins, 2000). » full article
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Reports and Publications | The Pangani River Basin is of the size of about 43,650 km2, with about 5% of this area in Kenya, and the remainder distributed across the Arusha, Manyara, Kilimanjaro and Tanga regions of Tanzania. » full article
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