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News and Events

Upcoming Events
14th August, 2014: Extra Ordinary Pangani Basin Water Board Meeting will be held in Arusha
28th - 29th August, 2014: Technical audit by INNOVEX expected to be conducted in Pangani Basin.

Past Events
June, 2011: GIS Training, Arusha
31st May, 2011: PSC Meeting, in Arusha
30th May, 2011: WUAs Launching, Arusha
26 May 2011: Pangani Basin Water Board Facilitate the process of obtaining Board members at Uhuru Hotel, Moshi.
11th - 14th April, 2011: Workshop on CC scenarios - Cape Town, South Africa
7th - 8th April, 2011: Seminars for Law Enforcement Officers
30th March -3rd April, 2011: GIS Training, Arusha
29th March, 2011: LGA Feedback Meetings on WUA, Simanjiro
28th March, 2011: LGA Feedback Meetings on WUA, Arusha
24th March, 2011: LGA Feedback Meetings on WUA, Hai
23rd March, 2011: LGA Feedback Meetings on WUA, Moshi
15th - 17th March, 2011: GWI Proposal design Workshop, Moshi
14th to 17th March, 2011: Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop, Arusha
10th to 12th March, 2011: 2nd Chago Wetland Conservation Meeting, Same
7th to 8th March,2011: GWI Project Mgt Team Meeting, Moshi
28th February to 5th March, 2011: Field Visit by WUAs in Pangani Basin
22nd to 26th February, 2011: In-house Training of WUAs Management Committees, Arusha
18th February, 2011: 21st Partners Meeting - PBWO, Moshi
9th February, 2011: CCDP Meeting Lusaka, Zambia
4th - 6th February, 2011: Chago Wetland Conservation Meeting, Same.
January, 2011: Environment Safeguard Training Workshop, Morogoro